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I am an honours graduate (BSc. Hons. Strath-Glasgow) coupled with an MBA-ICG (Paris) , experienced, Metallurgist - Materials Scientist and Engineer & Manager turned Consultant & Blogger. I specialised in Superalloys (aero-engine_Seminal Work peer reviewed & published IOM3_MST, Feb.1985, the 2nd issue of this now well known journal dedicated to the fundamental aspects in our multidisciplinary subject area ) My experience over a wide range of Special Alloys is extensive. (Cryogenic,Controlled Expansion-Dilatometric,Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Grades and finally HSLA-Aircraft Undercarriage. (Great Stuff-I was lucky) My responibilities were especially in Melting & Refining to 1st Forming stage. Responsibilities include QC,QA & Accounting, Melt/Remelt Process  & Products, R&D.  Bilingual English-French. 
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vendredi 26 décembre 2008

The Business of Carbon Management from FT_The Financial Times

While up-dating on the metallurgy, materials science and technological aspects of CO2 capture ,I stumbled-upon 5 or so excellent and environmentally encouraging videos on Carbon Management at Corporate Level. I warmly encourage readers to view these noting that public opinion until now is reported to sway Corporations to heed science's pleas for more responsible approaches to planetary issues. We shall need all our-you courage and determination to keep on our route to a clean and profitable global ecomony(ies).

cf. link below and also on the RHS-right hand side menu bar headed Environment

Best wishes fot the New Year and beyond.

The Business of Carbon Management from FT.

lundi 15 décembre 2008

NAP- National Academies Publications - New Widgets Introduction and Up-date

Just a short post to bring your attention to my introduction to a No. of NAP-Widgets throughout my 7 blogs. This uncommented "poor practice" in fact led to the creation of this special "Books_Journals_Tools page. "Killing two birds with one stone":

-Firstly, I have posted a short "Mea Culpa note on my main page.[LINK] commenting on a recent NAP pre-publication "Science and Decision" cf. side bar menus and

Secondly NAP have introduced a new widget to present the multiple functions available to readers; summaries,full online free reading and latest RSS feed. I am of course in the process of up-dating my site NAP-widgets. They do appear to be based, like my own much humbler effort, on the SpringWidget® design.

NB. If your side bar menu is a little too slim -it is a simple matter to reduce the width in the code, only two figures to change. In my case I modified one widget width from 175 to 155. cf my "Conversations-on-Innovations page LHS menu

Good luck and good reading over the festive season.

mardi 2 décembre 2008

Poznan-Poland Climate Change Conf - Environment-CC Conf. Link Opened -More Access to YouTube

I have just opened a link category called Environment-CC (Climate Change) Videos and Conferences.

to give further access to the important YouTube video depository on serious subjects. Now that this UN conference-meeting has come to an end it appears that Poland - and her coal based economy remains-"total - itarianly?" unmoved, appearing to be the EU the "bad pupil"?

When will the UN security council and members impose - negotiate quotas on yearly CO2 capture and sequestration, objectives with financial reward if objectives are met and only if they are met. It was announced at the conf that the technolog(ies) exist.

As a native of Scotland with many similar economic characteristics to Poland, I shall refrain from making remarks on re-structuring in "Coal Iron, Steel and shipbuilding!!!

To remain somewhat global I have also included a Video by the Australian Gov's Environment Minister.

Source of motivation to post:


jeudi 10 juillet 2008

Hair-raiser II - JM Jancovici Conf. on Human influence on Climate Change - Translation(TBD=To Be Done)

My previous (first) post brought the hair-raising group "Above-All-Else" to your attention. My readers are most probably not their usual fans

Here I shall continue with another "Hair-Raiser" despite the now classical title of the video subject - "Human role in Climate Change" - basic to any serious, global, prospective-foresight or road-mapping work, I humbly surmise. The Video Conference link to the "Not sufficiently well-known french climatologue, and somewhat irreverent "no-holds-barred", Jean-Marc Jancovici, will be given below. The conference was given in the equally highly unusual "almost hair raising-if not amongst a somewhat bald or grey haired congregational setting of the Roman Catholic Church Annual Gatherings, Sydney and Canberra, Australia of all places are mentionned. The video is due to french TV2 programme "Le Jour du Seigneur-Semaines Sociales"_"The day of the Lord-Social Weeks" is in french and the sound quality poor - Jean-Marc had a slight throat cold. Nevertheless, I'll translate the main points in his post as soon as possible - both good for students of the french language and for my translation and sumarising powers.

Video of Jean-Marc Jancovici Conference 2008

While awaiting my english summary of JM's video conf. learn and enjoy his website and killer "table napkin" order of magnitude calculation and analogies approach to his sublect Climate, Energy, Human Effects @:
Jean-Marc's Website in english

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Hair-raiser I - AboveAllElse-sound & vision -

To start with a bang - Put your headphones on and listen to the Nova Scotia Group "Above-All- Else"

kind curtesy of Myspace & The Band.